Bodypainting Models

A very special thank you goes out to all the models we have worked with. Each painting can take 8-10 hours, and most of that time the models are standing. Then after a long day of being on their feet and being very still, at the end of the painting session, they have to be alive and energetic for the photo shoot. They have all done an exceptional job. We are so appreciative of all their hard work. Part of making the “Living Art” so wonderful is how the model, the canvas, makes the painting come alive. If you are interested in being a model in an upcoming project please contact Scott Fray at
Jenn Martin Melissa Kammerer
Megan Younts Caroline Farmer
Amgela Montgomery
Kelly Setliff
Brittney Phillips Crystal Holmes
Chandler Knight Aten Doukas
Tona Willet Ellie Miller
Gavin Glass Sarah Browder
Heather Meek Ashanti Jennings, Kane Krueger
Christina Calabria Nikki Craven
Nikki Rachelle Jeezica Christi
Georgia Bowen Camilla, Alex
Crystal Madelyn Greco
Makari Stephanie Stewart
Kristen Snider


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