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Bodypainting Photogaphy Gallery I Favorites

Here are some of my favorites from Gallery I. All of these images were taken in 2009 when I was just getting started doing bodypainting photography. I knew from the first session it was going to be something that would become a real passion of mine. Every session is different. Every bodypainting is different. Most, […]

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New Body Paint Project!

Last weekend I ventured into something that I have never done before. An opportunity came about to do a music video for an awesome rock band out of Dublin, Ireland, Rezlow. I wanted to create a video that featured a collaboration of the talents of the band that wrote and performs the song, the interpretation […]

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Bodypainting Photography | Living Art Bodypainting Book

I have accumulated  a lot of bodypainting photography images over the past two years. I felt it was time to get the images out there and give people an opportunity to not only see them but to have a hardbound book so they could have a physical copy and really appreciate the detail that goes […]

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