Living Art Greensboro Bodypaint Competition

Bodypainting Photogaphy Gallery I Favorites

Here are some of my favorites from Gallery I. All of these images were taken in 2009 when I was just getting started doing bodypainting photography. I knew from the first session it was going to be something that would become a real passion of mine. Every session is different. Every bodypainting is different. Most, if not all, the designs (except for the competition practices) are created and designed at that moment after Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco talk to the models for a few minutes. Literally from conception to finished artwork it is completed in 8-10 hours. Amazing to watch the transformation! You can see the remaining images in Gallery I.

New Body Paint Project!

Last weekend I ventured into something that I have never done before. An opportunity came about to do a music video for an awesome rock band out of Dublin, Ireland, Rezlow. I wanted to create a video that featured a collaboration of the talents of the band that wrote and performs the song, the interpretation of that song into a body paint work of art by Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco of LivingBrush Bodypaint, the interpretation of the song through dance performed by the body painted model and my interpretation through photography and video footage combined to be revealed in a music video. It was a very long yet amazing day! Everyone involved pulled together to create a work of art on so many levels. I am still editing the video. Hopefully it will be finished very soon. Please check out the band on their web site, their YouTube Channel, and Reverbnation. If you are on Facebook LIKE their Facebook page for the latest information on new releases. Here are several images shot that day. Model: Jolly Roger


Bodypainting Photography | Living Art Bodypainting Book

I have accumulated  a lot of bodypainting photography images over the past two years. I felt it was time to get the images out there and give people an opportunity to not only see them but to have a hardbound book so they could have a physical copy and really appreciate the detail that goes in to each of the paintings. Every time you look at the images you notice something else. Some small detail that you hadn’t noticed before, but now that you do, you realize the painting wouldn’t have been the same without it. I invite you to browse through our first book and purchase one for your coffee table. It will definitely be a conversation piece!


Bodypainting Photography :: Maternity Bodypainting

A couple of weeks ago one of my clients, who was around 32 weeks pregnant, wanted to have some maternity photos done. She didn’t want the standard maternity poses with flowy  fabrics and blocks spelling out “baby” across her stomach. She wanted a painting on the front side of her body representing the life force that was growing inside of her. It was amazing to watch it develop and see the end result which has what almost seems an energy radiating up across her belly. I am sure that little baby girl, Theadora, will one day look at these photos and love them just as much.

New Body Paint Photography Galleries Uploaded!

What a fantastic day! I spent the day going back over the past two years and sorting through all the fun and exciting photo shoots with Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco of LivingBush Bodypaiting. I was amazed at just how many photos have been taken. It has been such an honor to partner with LivingBrush and capture their amazing and inspired art. Below is just one of the photos from among the 5 galleries, including Gallery V – Black Light Gallery. See the Galleries link above to browse through some captivating living art!